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Interviews & Auditions


1st and 2nd Grade: No audition, no interview. Simply sign up and enjoy singing!


3rd Grade - 5th Grade: An informal evaluation/interview will consist of simple ear-training exercises, repetition of short sung patterns, and identification of basic musical concepts. This process aims to identify pre-existing skills, experience, and curiosity. Students in this age range are expected to match pitch (able to repeat the tone sung or played exactly.)


6th Grade & Up: An audition is required, consisting of a short performance by the singer (please prepare a folk song, art song, hymn, musical theatre, “America the Beautiful,” etc.), a short music theory evaluation, and guided sight-reading. For the solo performance, accompanied pieces are encouraged (please bring a recording with you or provide sheet music); experienced singers can sing a cappella. Students are expected to have prior singing experience (choir, voice lessons, musical theatre are all acceptable). The entire audition is private, with the instructor(s) only; parents are welcome to observe. Following the audition, students will be placed in the appropriate choir for their vocal abilities and music theory knowledge.

Audition and interview schedule


Auditions and interviews for Allegro and Intermezzo choirs are in January and June through August in Los Altos. Auditions for Avanti, Con Brio, Bravi and Vocalise are from May through August and we do not usually offer mid-term admission to these groups.


To request an audition, please fill out the form below and a member from our team will be in touch.

Audition Interest Form



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