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12 years

My first memories at Cantabile start at age 6, tapping rhythms with wooden sticks and singing in little red polos. In the 12 years since then, I have grown as a musician, leader, and friend thanks to my experiences in this special community. Cantabile has granted me so many life-changing and unique opportunities. I remember singing “Come and Sing” in an airplane 30,000 feet in the air, making live music with fellow singers virtually during the height of the COVID pandemic, and performing rigorous pieces intended for choirs much older than ourselves for audiences in the United States and Europe.

I am grateful to have had the chance to sing alongside incredibly talented and dedicated peers who are also some of my closest friends and mentors. I am so excited to see what we can all achieve with the important lessons we learned from our time at Cantabile. Thank you to all the amazing friends I have made at Cantabile, and to Elena, Jessica, and all the other outstanding conductors from Prep 2 to Aria that have made this experience so pivotal.

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