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14 years

I’ll be studying music in college next year, and I can thank Cantabile for both my obsession with music and the strong foundation I’ll bring with me. Cantabile has equipped me as a musician in ways other singing programs haven’t.

For fourteen years, I’ve been lucky to quite literally grow up in Cantabile and think of it as my other home. A lot has changed, and people have come and gone, but I still feel the same sense of inspiration, comfort, and pure happiness that I always have when I’m at Cantabile. I’ve belonged to a group that performed to a very high standard and worked with exceptional teachers and peers.

There are so many powerful things I will remember: Elena’s passion, fearlessness, and ability to challenge and push her students while also feeling genuine care for them as individuals. Jace’s talent for handling stressful situations with dignity, kindness, style, and humor. My first performance as a Prep 1 student. Graduating from the red polo shirt to concert black. Exploring the streets of Copenhagen and New Orleans. Hearing our voices echo through the Berlin Philharmonie and cathedrals in Austria and the Czech Republic. Getting chills while singing Studio Ghibli music as Joe Hisaishi conducted. Shaking with nerves while performing for the judges of the European Choir Games and later hearing our name called for Gold Medal Top Level. Working with Aria to memorize “All I Was Doing Was Breathing” and “Mira Has Finished With Waiting” and feeling immensely proud after performing them without any errors.

Thank you, Cantabile! No other community has had more impact on my life, and I will always treasure this journey.

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