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2 years

When I first joined Cantabile two years ago, I was nervous about everything. But the group welcomed me with friendliness, musical talents, and passionate people that genuinely love music. I’ve found home here, and this is the first time that I feel not only connected to the music but also connected to the people that I’m creating music with. In one of the Aria rehearsals, I remember singing with our eyes closed and our 16 voices just came together naturally, without a conductor and without looking at each other. There’s no word that can express how much Cantabile has impacted my musical journey, and I have enjoyed all the learning experiences that I am privileged to have here.

I’d always think “Why didn’t I join Cantabile earlier?”, but I’m so grateful to spend the last two years of high school with the best people in the world: Elena, Jessica, Megan, and everyone that has made this place truly amazing.

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