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4 years

I first joined this special group in 8th grade. Having recently moved, I was nervous to meet new singers and join a new program but I was immediately welcomed with a warm smile from some energetic Avanti singers, some of the kindest people I know to this day and who I am extremely grateful to call my friends. To me, Cantabile is much more than “club choir” (a term I would often use to summarize my experience to others). We are a group of musical enthusiasts, ambitious artists, a community that thrives in cultural collaboration and appreciation. From performing unique Indonesian choreographies to blending with German vocalists, my experience in Cantabile has played a crucial role in widening my global perspective and instilling my fascination with international cultures. At Cantabile, we truly care about the origin of our pieces and carrying that essence throughout every performance. It is truly a special moment when everyone comes together in harmony to create the perfect blend.

Cantabile has granted me so many sensational musical memories and I know I will reflect back on my experience with a grateful heart. A special thank you to all the Vocalise and Aria members, Elena, Lori, Jace, Joseph, Jessica, my family, and everyone who has made this experience so exceptionally wonderful.

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