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5 years

Cantabile showed me a completely different way to approach music. Apart from the high level of technical excellence that it demands, from effectively sight-reading to shifting parts at a moment’s notice, we gain a true understanding of our music, sometimes learning pieces from other musicians with the appropriate cultural background. Outside of music, Cantabile taught me valuable lessons in leadership, confidence, and self-care. Our yoga sessions at the start of each class have shown me the importance of meditation to reflect and clear the mind, and I now do so every day.

Before joining Vocalise in eighth grade, I had previously sung with four other middle schoolers, so I was intimidated going into such a big group. In the first few weeks, people went out of their way to include me. I later told my mom that this was “one of the nicest communities I have ever been in,” and I thank Elena, Joseph, and everyone else who helped foster and maintain it.

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