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7 years

As I reflect on the past 7 years in Cantabile, I am so incredibly grateful. 7 years ago, I was entirely unaware of the impact my new musical peers and mentors would have on who I was as a person. Unknown to me, I would grow as a person, as a friend, as a performer, and as a musician during the numerous hours spent in rehearsal. Anyone who knows me personally knows that I live for music. I have grown to love choral music as an art form, more than I ever even knew was possible. (If you are one of the many unfortunate victims of one of my long tangents about some piece of music, conductor, or composer- especially Eric Whitacre, I'm sorry…)

Throughout some of the toughest years of my life, Cantabile has served as my outlet and provided me with not only numerous musical opportunities but an incredible and unique community. My time as a section leader and student conductor showed me what it means to be a leader— how difficult and rewarding it can be. Thank you to my Vocalise First Sopranos, for allowing me the space to make mistakes and learn along with you. I am so incredibly honored to have sung alongside all of you, however short or long. Thank you to Elena, Jace, Marina, and Lori, who poured hours of their knowledge and effort into every singer in Cantabile. And lastly, thank you to Eggschlagen and Quack who single-handedly helped me survive all the ups and downs of high school.

If I had to sum up my time in Cantabile with just one sentence, it would be a seemingly small rehearsal note made by Elena. She said "Music is simply art in time. Once the sound dies, the magic is over". I am so grateful to have been able to make incredible music with all of you and although that sound will inevitably die, the magic we created will stay with me forever.

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