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4 years

As I near the end of my Cantabile journey, I am overwhelmed with gratitude. I'll never forget my very first day: a shy high school freshman, navigating the challenges of a global pandemic, and joining rehearsal via zoom with the help of JackTrip! Online choir rehearsals eased the loneliness of Covid, providing me with a sense of connection twice a week. Cantabile has been a steadfast anchor, infusing my life with stability and joy.

Transitioning to in-person rehearsals the following year, I confided in my mom about my worries of fitting in and making friends. Yet, with time, what were once mere acquaintances blossomed into cherished friendships. There is something special within this group- a collective committed to uplift, educate, and support one another. Sunday, Monday, and Thursday nights became something I looked forward to, a dedicated time to do what I love while being with the people I love.

Cantabile has helped me grow tremendously, instilling in me invaluable lessons in leadership through my involvement in the ACDA Chapter, fostering a spirit of determination to persevere through Aria’s challenging musical pieces, nurturing professionalism both on and off stage, refining my time management skills, and most importantly, appreciating the wonderful world of music. Amongst all my Cantabile memories, my highlights include singing a solo on stage at the Basilika St. Michael in Austria during the Central European Tour ‘22, Aria Sundays & Gigs, and getting to MC the talent show at the Choir Retreat ‘23.

Finally, many thanks to Elena for believing & supporting me, the wonderful staff, and my amazing friends for being an integral part of my highschool journey, I am eternally grateful for Cantabile.

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