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Cantabile Singers rank highly in recent SF Bay Area NATS Competition | March 2021

Cantabile students are winning recognition through singing at competitions, auditions, and college applications.

Vocalise and Bravi students Grace Finke, Chehan Wijayaratne, Claire Spence, Phoebe Wright, Violet Pasmooij, Anjali Phalke, Uma Phalke and Chloe Chiang recently competed in competitions organized by NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing).

  • Grace Finke

    • 1st Place, SFBAC Fall '20 Competition, Treble Musical Theatre

    • 3rd Place, SFBAC Spring '21 Grade 11/12 Treble Classical

  • Chehan Wijayaratne

    • Honorable Mention, SFBAC Spring '21 Grade 11/12 Tenor/Bass Classical

    • Qualified for competition in the NATS National Competition (Spring 2021)

  • Violet Pasmooij, Claire Spence, Phoebe Wright

    • Three-way tie for 1st Place, SFBAC Spring '21, Grade 9/10 Treble Classical

  • Uma Phalke, Anjali Phalke & Chloe Chiang

    • Participants, SFBAC Spring '21 Classical Competition

  • Saman de Silva, former Cantabile student

    • 1st Place, SFBAC Spring '21, Grade 11/12 Tenor/Bass Classical

Enjoy the livestream of the SFBAC - NATS Winners Concert here.

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