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Ravi Rajagopalan has been working at Applied Materials since 1995 and currently leads a software engineering team at Applied Materials Inc, for internal data ingestion and analysis. Prior to this role, he was in the Metal Deposition Group for almost 20 years, much of it managing technology at customer sites. He headed the Customer Applications Group for a ~$3B a year revenue group for 4 years. He has worked extensively with some of the leading chipmakers in the world including Intel, Samsung and IBM. He also had a 1-year stint in operations. Ravi also was on the CLIPCO (Cupertino Language Immersion Program) board in the Cupertino Union School District for 3 years as the class representative. The CLIPCO board is responsible for both raising funds for the program as well as managing the distribution of the funds. He was part of the monthly board meetings with the Principals of Meyerholz Elementary School and Miller Middle School as well as other representatives.

Ravi has an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering from IIT, Bombay, and his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin.

Ravi is also a proud parent of Nandini Ravi, who has been at Cantabile since 2019 and currently a singer in Vocalise and Aria.

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