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Training Choirs

Training Division Uniform: Prelude I and II, Allegro and Intermezzo


The cost of uniforms is not included in the tuition or fees. Uniforms are only worn to dress rehearsals and performances and are not required for normal weekly classes. All items listed below for each choir are mandatory.


Uniform Detail


  • Red, short-sleeved Cantabile-logo polo from Merry Mart

  • Black box pleat twill skirt, hemmed at or slightly above the knee from Merry Mart OR Black twill pants, properly hemmed. Pants can be purchased from a store of your choosing

  • If wearing a skirt: Black tights and plain black shoes

  • If wearing pants: Black socks, black shoes, and black belt


All singers must be dressed appropriately for performances or other special events. If you are in doubt about any aspect of the uniform, please, ask for clarification prior to performances.


  • Your uniform should be clean, wrinkle-free, stain-free, and fit properly.

  • Polo shirts should be worn tucked in and buttoned with the top button left open.

  • Shoes should be matte black (not shiny) with no metal buckles or other decorations. Shoes must be closed toed and low heeled (less than 2”). Boots, Doc Martins, sandals, sneakers, and clogs are not acceptable.

  • Only jewelry issued by Cantabile may be worn for performances. This includes bracelets and watches. Visible body piercings, including earrings, must be removed when the singer is representing Cantabile.

  • Hair should be neatly combed. Long hair needs to be securely pulled back from the singer’s face, in a ponytail, bun or braid. All hair accessories should blend into the singer’s hair color.


Gently Used Uniforms


Often, used uniforms are available. Please contact the office if you are in need of a used uniform item. Cantabile appreciates any graduating choir members or singers who have outgrown their uniforms that would like to donate their uniforms back to the choir.

Performing Choirs

More Information coming soon

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