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7 years, Alto 1

"When my mom brought me to my first Cantabile rehearsal, I cried the entire car ride over (yes I was one of those kids). In spite of my very irrational fear, once I left the car and walked into our rehearsal space I was quickly put at ease by the very unscary faces that I saw, and the minute we started singing, I was hooked. I certainly didn’t know then that my early love of music would bring me to an organization that has taught me so much and been a catalyst for so much personal growth.
Cantabile has been my outlet for art, creativity, and emotion. Our many concerts have taught me to be comfortable being honest when performing, which has helped me to be open and vulnerable in important moments in my life. Music, from difficult accidentals and melodies to technical syncopated rhythms, has always challenged me, put my skills to the test, and even in my senior year, has never been boring. Yoga has shown me how to be flexible, aware, and grateful for the little moments. For instance, I’m very grateful that my mom brought me to Cantabile all those years ago despite my dramatic tantrum — thanks Ma! I’m also incredibly grateful to Jace and Elena for always demanding the best from me and for always believing in me. And of course, the friendships I’ve made at Cantabile have been some of the most profound that I’ve known — the kind that will really last. Thank you Cantabile for the memories, lessons, and friendships, I will miss you lots! "

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