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8 years, Baritone

"My eight and a half years in Cantabile has been absolutely essential to my growth as a musician, person, and community member. To me, it’s more than just a choir - it’s a welcoming space that has taught me to live with awareness in this complex world of ours while giving me an outlet to express my own creativity. Gathering every week and striving to embody the emotion and spirit embedded in each song, whether it’s a gospel arrangement dealing with civil rights or an Estonian drinking song, is what makes Cantabile the unique environment it is.

Throughout my time at Cantabile, I have made countless memories that will always stay with me. The little theory books that sometimes felt like a chore, but slowly built up my technical ability, allowing me to understand music more easily. Opening up and getting to know the larger Cantabile community by playing Exploding Kittens with a cabin full of boys who also loved to sing. Singing with the older kids in Vocalise and Bravi for the first time, awestruck by the beautiful sounds they could create. And most recently, on the 2022 Europe tour, making lifelong friends and absolutely blasting Bridge Over Troubled Water in our final performance.

For turning me into a capable singer and musician who is comfortable with expressing himself, I would like to thank the people who have brought me to this point. Thank you to my conductors and teachers through the years - Katie, Jazmine, Lori, Elena, Jace, Andrew, Ken - for guiding me with your wealth of knowledge and experience. Thank you to Nick and Kristy for capturing the wonderful moments I’ve had in Cantabile. Thank you to Amanda for bringing our music to life with your piano playing. And thank you to Cantabile staff, choir parents, and all the singers I’ve sung with, for making the amazing community that allowed me to have all these opportunities and experiences."

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