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4 years, Bass 2

"When I joined Cantabile in my freshman year, I wasn’t sure what to expect. At one of my first rehearsals, I remember being impressed by the group’s ability to sight read a completely new piece. Since then, I’ve learned that Cantabile isn’t just a group of talented singers — we’re a group that truly cares about what we sing. By emphasizing everything from music theory to the cultural background of each song, our conductors have helped give me a sense of purpose and enthusiasm in my musical journey. Throughout high school, Cantabile has always been there for me as a place where I can both express myself and collaborate with my peers to create amazing music.

In particular, I want to mention how grateful I am for the rare opportunity to sing with other changed voices. In middle school, it was tough for me to navigate my vocal transition with little support, but Bravi has helped me develop my voice and shown me how amazing a young men’s chorus can sound. Thank you to Elena, Ken, and the countless others who have worked hard to build this amazing choral community."

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