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2 years, Bass 2

"I joined Cantabile my junior year of high school, hoping to improve as an ensemble singer, musician, and meet others who share my love for ensemble singing. I wasn’t really expecting much– I had googled youth choirs in my area to join because I just wanted to sing more! And well, Cantabile has provided me with the opportunity to sing more– very graciously. Along with that, I’ve met so many amazing people who have laughed with me, sung with me, supported me, cared for me, and wanted me to succeed. It’s pretty hard to find that anywhere else!

I’ll never forget all the amazing opportunities Cantabile has given me to love and appreciate music on a personal and professional level. I can still remember, clear as day, when Marques Jerrel Ruff and Cortez Mitchell– two world-class musicians and singers– worked with us as guest clinicians. Of all the words and wisdom they shared us with that day, an idea was shared while working with us that has stuck with me until now. It is the notion of “practicing scholarship” whenever we sing a piece that has resonated with me until this day. I’ve firmly realized that practicing scholarship is something that we must do as musicians and singers and as people, really. Otherwise, truly, what is the point of all this singing? What’s the point of life? I’ve decided that I have to find that out for myself and share it with everyone.

I’m so happy that I’ve been able to find my purpose in music, and it wouldn’t have been possible without all the amazing opportunities I’ve been provided. Cantabile has been one of the catalysts that have inspired me to pursue a career involving music in the future, and I’m so incredibly grateful for it.

It’s been such an honor working with Elena, Jace, Andrew, Ken, and all the other amazing faculty that make Cantabile the amazing organization that it is. I’m going to miss everyone! "

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