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7 years, Soprano 1

"Over the past seven years, Cantabile has shaped my life so much. It has helped me grow into not only a skilled singer, but an actor, a yoga enthusiast, a leader, and a better, more confident, more compassionate human being. I remember joining as a little sixth grader - we had one song called ‘Oh, Moon’ that I couldn’t sing without dancing along. Now, the gala is my favorite event, I get to sing and dance to jazz all night long. Elena, Jace, the volunteers and staff members, and of course my fellow singers, have made this such a wonderful and formative experience. Through Cantabile, my passion for music has been solidified, and I am confident I will continue to sing the rest of my life. It’s so hard to believe this journey is over, but words cannot describe how grateful I am for everyone that has made this once in a lifetime opportunity happen, thank you for the love, learning, and permission to dance! "

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