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6 years, Alto 1

"Having done online school my entire life, I decided in middle school that I needed an extracurricular to dedicate myself too, somewhere to find community. I cannot even count the number of programs and clubs I tried, looking for somewhere I belonged. I joined Cantabile in 7th grade, and I distinctly remember the moment that made me certain of what I wanted to be. It was about two months in, and we were instructed to sit down and wait after warmups. A line of high schoolers walked past us, making an arc over the platform that held our piano. I watched as the members of the group made eye contact with each other, and started a series of claps and stomps. The beaming faces of Aria members singing “Bring Me Little Water, Sylvie” for the room of Intermezzo singers sent me into a state of absolute awe, and timid little me decided right then that I wanted to be one of them.

After six years with Cantabile, I've sung Sylvie with Aria countless times. I've watched myself become who I was in awe of just a few years ago, experienced the indescribable elation of giving amazing performances, and made lifelong friends that younger me only dreamed of having. I found the community and sense of belonging that middle school me was searching for. I am eternally grateful to all of Cantabile for the friends, the opportunities, the lessons (musically and personally), the yoga, the performances, the mentoring, and the inspiration. While I am sad to leave, I go with the knowledge that Cantabile made me a better singer, and a better person. "

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