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7 years, Soprano 2

"When I first joined Cantabile in sixth grade, I did not realize how much of an impact it would have on who I have become. Thinking back to my first concert, I remember watching aria come onto stage, and I was immediately in awe of them. They were so poised, confident, and unafraid to have fun with "Fruitcake Lament," and getting into Aria immediately became my goal. Four years later, I was auditioning for Jace over Jamulus, and that year, my first experience being a part of Aria was over Jacktrip. Now, as a senior, I am what I saw Aria to be in sixth grade, and it's all thanks to the Cantabile community. The friends I have met at Cantabile helped me believe in myself, and have helped me through life time and time again, whether it be Cantabile related or not. I have been able to get so close to my Cantabile family, especially being on tour and sharing our excitement, frustration, and so many other feelings while halfway across the world. Being able to experience performing at places like Carnegie Hall and the Berlin Philharmonie with my closest friends is something I never would have expected, but now I will look back fondly on the sore feet, hard work, and occasional frustration, because it meant I had the chance to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience with my friends. "

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